Captain Hydra was patrolling for resistance members when he came across a graffiti artist and another person. The Captain decapitated the man after he through his shield at him. Enraged the other man attacked him thinking that he was perverting the legacy of Captain America.[1]

During a fight between the two of them, the man was able to knock off Captain Hydra's helmet - he then realized the man was an exact duplicate of himself but created by his father. Nomad's spine was broken from the fight and while the Captain who was still confused allowed Nomad to escape into the sewers in order to find the resistance.[2]

The Captain led Hydra's team of Avengers to capture Nomad and Captain America's daughter Ellie in order to end the remnants of the rebel movement which was resisting Hydra's rule in the domain of the Hydra Empire.[3]

In contrast to his Earth-616 counterpart, Leopold is a spoiled, arrogant brat who openly defies his father's orders.[2] He also appears to be deeply suspicious of his father, convinced that the elder Zemo seeks to replace him, as demonstrated by his comments regarding Ian Rogers.[1]


Seemingly those of the Leopold Zola of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Leopold Zola of Earth-616.


Captain Hydra's Shield

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