The Leper Queen had Surge, Hellion, and Boom-Boom captured in Los Angeles and sent to New York City.

Tabitha was held hostage by their leader while the two others were send to blow at the United Nations Building. Injected with the Legacy Virus, the Leper Queen had Tabitha kept at her side, wanting to be killed when the mutant strike force X-Force would come to save the lost mutants, and knowing that Bastion wouldn't let her commit suicide.

When X-Force were forcibly transported into the future by Cyclops, the Leper Queen, angry at not being killed by the team and with no hope to be freed from Bastion, shot Tabitha in the head.[2]

However, X-23's timely return instead saved Boom-Boom and killed the Leper Queen,[3] resulting in a divergent reality, Earth-95313.[4]


Those of Leper Queen (Earth-616)#Abilities


Guns, knives, grenades.

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