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Ferret (Golden Age) (Earth-616)

The Ferret's original appearance

Leslie Lenrow was a "well-known author and private investigator." He lived in Greenwich Village in New York City and was known for his "crime doesn't pay" articles. His detective work earned him the nickname "Ferret" for his ability to "ferret" out criminals. He often beat the local police in solving crimes, gaining him some notoriety with the police. He had a pet Ferret named Nosey who sometimes helped him in his cases.

Pre-War Activities

In his first recorded adventure the Ferret would find a dead man coming to his door, seemingly to warn him against writing any further of his articles. Using his detective skills the Ferret finds a match book from the Monte Carlo club. There he investigates both a man named Doc and another named Prima if they saw the accused. While Doc does, Prima does not. When the Ferret spots actress Lynn Forehm being tossed out of a car after being robbed, he chases after the car in a cab. Following them to a pier he attempts to get the drop on them when he is jumped by Knuckles Johnson, who shoots him and leaves him for dead in New York Harbor. Surviving thanks to his bullet proof vest, the Ferret calls in a favor to learn the location of Johnson's home, but accidentally falls asleep before the crook shows up. Almost burning alive when Kunckles arrives him and lights the place ablaze, the Ferret soon learns that Knuckles has been murdered by someone in the underworld.Realizing that it could either be Doc or Prima, he enlists the aid of Forehm to set a trap, however the crooks see through this and capture her. Deducing who it is, the Ferret rushes to the club and finds a secret enterence and gets the drop on Doc before he could murder Lynn. After Doc is taken away by the police, the Ferret points out that he realized who the shooter is when he determined that only a doctor could shoot a man in such a way and deduce how long it would take him to die to insure he would not reveal his identity[2].

His next case began after learning of the recent murder of a stooley, The Ferret convinces the police inspector to give him the most worthless object on the man's body. It turns out to be a scrap of paper. After a botched murder attempt, the Ferret finds a hidden message and goes to the address on the paper. While initially captured, thanks to the aid of his ferret Nosey, the Ferret stops manages to takes down a conterfeit operation after nabbing their leader[3].

Soon after he would be summoned by Lily Saunders, the Ferret goes to investigate threats against her boss -- wealthy costmetics magistrate Cora Waterbury -- by a disgruntled former employee named Venario. When they arrive at Cora's estate, the Ferret finds that she Cora has died of mysterious circumstances. As the night progresses a list of suspicious characters rack up: Venario, who was spotted near the property, Cora's doctor Jelenko, and a man claiming to be her brother Rene. Collecting evidence from the scene of Cora's death and exmaining it under a Spectroscope, the Ferret learns that Cora had been murdered with a lethal dose of Thallium. Using his detective skills he learns that the man posing as Rene is really Rene's assistant Ryan, who staged everything in order to steal Cora's fortune[4].

His fame would soon bring trouble to the Ferret one day when he would be kidnapped by a thief named Duke along with ransom victim Cynthia Bryant. They would attempt to force the Ferret into paying them out a massive amount of money. Put through the Chinese water torture, the Ferret would be freed by his pet ferret Nosey and round up the crooks, turning them over to the authorities[5].

The Ferret would stumble upon his next case by being at the right place at the right time: When going to put a deposit into the bank, the Ferret stumbles upon a bank robbery being committed by Blackie Giles and his gang. Unable to stop it, the Ferret has the police chief withhold his witness of the robbery from the press. He then puts a classified in the paper in code requesting Blackie Giles to pay him off in order to keep silent. Giles instead comes to kill the Ferret, taking him aboard a ship and taking him out to sea. Blackie attempts to shoot the Ferret,however the bullet only grazes him. The Ferret then takes out all the men on the boat and returns it to port where he turns them over to the police[6].

In his last recorded pre-war case, the Ferret would get involved with Stacey Cleaners Inc. The company was being targeted by a group of crooks who were using terror tactics on the company in what appeared to be shady work perpetuated by the competition. However, when Brown, the co-owner of Stacey Cleaners would be murdered, the Ferret would deduce that Mr. Martin -- a man refused to being taken on as a third partner in the company -- was responsible for the murder, having hired the crooks to throw off his involvement[7].

World War II

In the summer of 1940, the Ferret would be hired by Miss Portnoy to search for her missing mother[8], who was the cleaning lady for a Nazi spy named Albrecht Kerfoot who posed as Professor Hamilton in the United States. Unknown to the Ferret, Portnoy's mother was killed when she discovered that Kerfoot was a Nazi spy[9]. When tracking Kerfoot down, he came across him just as he was giving fellow spy Heinz Kruger orders to assassinate Abraham Erskine. While attempting to trail Kruger, the Ferret was caught by a Nazi spy and fatally stabbed to death. When the spies learned that he was a private investigator, they had his office fire bombed. Witnessing the murder, the Angel took in the Ferret's beloved pet Nosey as his own[10]. Ultimately, the Angel avenge the death of the Ferret by aiding Captain America and Bucky in exposing a Nazi/Atlantean rebel conspiracy to attacking Washington D.C.[11].

Anomalous Appearance

In the Spring of 1941 The Ferret, or someone posing as him was an informant for the government during the outbreak of World War II. In one of his early cases he was hired to learn the location of Professor Philo Zog, the inventor of the robot known as Electro. The Ferret learned that Zog was kidnapped by the Nazis and their ally Doctor Manyac for something called Operation: Blockbuster. Teaming with Betty Dean, the Sub-Mariner, the Angel, Human Torch and Toro, the Ferret found the location of the Nazi hideout. There the gathered heroes learned that the Nazis were utilizing Manyac's "green flame" weapon and Zog's robot technology to create an army of green-flame robots. This army included Blockbuster, which was a massive robot. With the Ferret's aid, the heroes destroyed the Green Flames, freed Zog and destroyed operation Blockbuster[12].


He is a good detective, he is good with his fists, and he wears a bulletproof vest. He also carries a pistol and has a trained pet ferret, named Nosey, who helps him solve crimes.


His car had bulletproof glass and a police radio to help him monitor local crimes.

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