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This page is about the Lesser Old Ones, and as a general extension the "powerful spawns and servants" of the Great Old Ones, though the exact scope of that statement and what creatures should be classified as such) remains unclear so far.

For relevancy issues, due to the nature of the Lesser Old Ones, and the fact they are often confused with Great Old Ones (with many "Old Ones" unclearly classified between Lesser and Great Old Ones), please consult the Great Old Ones' page for more information on the activities of those groups.

The spawns of the Great Old Ones: the Aqueos (upper part), unidentified creatures battling Atlanteans (lower part)


The Lesser Old Ones are powerful servants and spawn of Great Old Ones (extradimensional beings predating Earth), but are often categorized as Great Old Ones themselves.[1]

In the days before the Atlanteans, the Great Old Ones ruled over the deeps, where they built vast cities such as R'lyeh, and spawned terrible creatures.[2]

Early years

When the Atlanteans came to the seas, they fought for millennia against the Great Old Ones and their spawns, driving them into the depths, killings or imprisoning them.[2]

Modern Age

Some of the spawns of the Great Old Ones persisted into the Modern Age, lurking in shadowed realms.[2]



No being has been confirmed explicitly as a Lesser Old One, but many have been stated to be either Great or Lesser Old Ones, including Asteroth, the Black Gods of R'Lyeh, Erlik Khan, Ghaszaszh Nyrih, Gol-Goroth, Kathulos, N'Gabthoth, Nigguraab, Shub-Niggurath (the Black Goat gods), the Toad God, Thog the Ancient, and Yog-Sokkot.

Lloigoroth, Slorioth, and Tsathoggua were included in that list as well,[1] but were confirmed by other sources to be Great Old Ones.

The Aqueos were one of many spawns of the Great Old Ones, along squid-headed humanoids and giant squid-like creatures.[2]

Though not explicitly stated as such, per the Lesser Old Ones' definition, "powerful servants and spawn of Great Old Ones",[1] Lesser Old Ones could include Quoggoth (a rebellious creation of Shuma-Gorath), the spawn of Chthon (usually classified as Elderspawn due to Chthon being traditionally an Elder God of Earth, though being described as a Great Old One on occasion) such as the Broodlings of Chthon, and (depending of Dagon being a Great Old One or not) Dagoth, Khosatral Khel, and the fishmen.


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