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When Counter-Earth's Loki and Enchantress decided to band together in order to get revenge against the Avengers they began amassing a complex scheme to not only destroy their enemies, but take over the Earth as well.

The Enchantress believed that the Scarlet Witch was her daughter, and so wished to regain control of her as part of this scheme. To this end, Loki and the Enchantress incapacitated Wanda's mentor Agatha Harkness, trapping her essence in a tree, and then Amora -- posing as Agatha -- would coerce the Scarlet Witch into joining their cause.

The Enchantress formed a team of villains to battle the Avengers, dubbing them the Lethal Legion. Their members included Amora, the Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, the Asgardian Executioner, and Henry Pym's robot Ultron-5. The group attacked the Avengers at their new Avengers Mansion headquarters, however they were easily be defeated. Ultron-5 was destroyed, while Wonder Man and the Executioner were captured and taken into SHIELD custody, while the Enchantress and Scarlet Witch escaped. Wonder Man and the Executioner were absorbed by Loki who had been absorbing all the Avenger's various foes and allies unique to Counter-Earth.

Amora and Loki later coerced Thor, Hawkeye and Hellcat into joining the group, the latter having her essence put into the Scarlet Witch to control her body. They attacked the remaining Avengers, however they were ultimately betrayed by Loki who absorbed all the gamma core's energy for himself. The remaining members of the Legion teamed with the Avengers in stopping Loki. Thor and Hellcat died in the battle which ultimately ended in Loki's defeat.

Of all the members of the Lethal Legion, only the fate of the Scarlet Witch is known, as she rejoined the Avengers and returned to her native Earth-616. While many of those absorbed by Loki were released upon his defeat, the ultimate fates of Wonder Man and the Executioner remain unrevealed. Likewise, the fates of the Enchantress and the remains of the destroyed Ultron-5.

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