The Leviathon Mother was the matriarch of the Leviathon Tide, and mother of the Leviathons and Leviathon Servitors, who launched an invasion of Earth from the Desecrated Nest.[2]

After being noticed of the high level of resistance found in this planet, the Leviathon Mother made earthfall herself[3] and called out the individual behind the strongest line of defense, a young Inhuman named Kei Kawade who had the ability to summon monsters independent from the Tide, the Goliathons, to fight on his behalf against the invading forces.

Smasher defeating the Leviathon Mother

The Leviathon Mother was confronted by Kei soon after she defeated the heroes and the Goliathons. The young boy pushed the boundaries of his powers and used them to summon entirely new monsters of his own creation. These six new monsters managed to fend off the Leviathon Mother until she killed one of them, Fireclaw. Kei used his abilities to merge the remaining monsters and himself into a creature named Smasher. Smasher turned the tide of the battle in Kei's favor, and eventually killed the Leviathon Mother. He body subsequently melted.[4]

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