Hired by the mysterious General to retrieve an object of power from the ancient ruins of Troy in modern-day Turkey, Lewis Green put his life on hold (including his engagement) to do the man's bidding. Spending weeks searching for the object, he eventually discovered it (partially thanks to the workings of Greek goddess Nox) and returned to America. Escorted home by the General's men, he immediately left home to see his fiancee, only to discover her living with another man. Scared off by the much-larger man, he left to await his meeting with the General.[1]

Upon meeting with the General, he was informed of the power of the item he held (the Amulet of Achilles), and that the General intended to kill him to keep his acquiring of the object a secret. Taking out his gun and firing on Green, he instead hit the Amulet Green was holding, knocking Green off the roof and activating the Amulet, transforming Green into the new Achilles, imbuing him with a protective field, a golden shield, and a large sword. Knowing that for every man he killed he would gain a year of life, he sought out the man his former fiancee was now married to, intent on freeing her from his clutches. Attacking the man, he found himself stopped by the woman, who informed Green of her love for the man and telling Green he was clearly insane. Vowing vengeance on the General, Green then went in search of the man.[2]

Following an unsuccessful assault on the General and Nox[3], Achilles and his allies (Surgeon, Operative, Aviatrix, and Revenant) made one final assault on the General in order to stop the sacrifice of a group of children. Lending his sword to the Operative during the assault so the man could defeat the General, Achilles then harnessed all of the absorbed life energy he'd gained over the weeks of tracking the General to assault and defeat Nox, killing himself in the process.[4]


The Amulet of Achilles causes a golden aura to surround him, greatly enhancing his endurance.


For every day he uses the Amulet, a year of his life is lost, but for every man he kills wearing the Amulet, he gains a year of life.


Amulet of Achilles


Large sword and golden shield.

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