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Lewis the lawyer

Lewis Murdock was a lawyer who represented a number of wealthy clients during the 1940's. In 1942, he developed a get rich quick scheme that was complicated in its execution. Purchasing the aging castle Greywin (which was supposedly haunted), he then convinced his clients to purchase expensive life insurance plans. Then, posing as a man named Murdock, he sent notes to his clients warning them about his intent to swindle them out of their insurance money and asking that they meet. Then he used a number of special effects to make ghosts appear, hoping to frighten his clients to death and collect their life insurance.

His first attempt claimed the life of his first client Mr. Morton; however, the death attracted the attention of the hero known as the Challenger who then began investigating Murdock. Learning that as Lewis, he owned the property, the Challenger tailed Lewis as he convinced his next client, idle heiress Linda Smythe to take out a life insurance plan as well. Later that night, as Murdock, Lewis attempted to eliminate her as well, but the Challenger prevented Murdock from tossing the girl from a staircase.

During his struggle with the Challenger, Lewis ironically met the same end that he had in store for Linda: falling down the stairs to his death.[1]


Lewis had rigged Greywin Castle with a number of special effects to make it look haunted, including projectors that made ghostly visions among other props. When posing as Murdock, he wore a lifelike mask and a fake hunchback.


As Murdock, Lewis wielded an axe and also had a trained attack dog.

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