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The Hulk was confronted by Daredevil when he emerged from the subway between Lexington and 59th.[1]

At 421 Lexington, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) confronted Kaine, followed by Detective Jacob Raven and Stunner, until Judas Traveller suddenly appeared and teleported both away.[2] As soon as Kaine was teleported back, Stunner attacked him to avenge the death of her beloved Doctor Octopus.[3] Spider-Man defended Kaine from Stunner's aggression until she mysteriously disappeared.[4]

Some time later, Wolverine and the Human Torch collided into a building between Lexington Avenue and 86th Street, and when ambulances arrived, Wolverine escaped under the guise of an injured Human Torch.[5]

Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) came to Lexington to reflect on how he almost killed a murderer. He was found here by Spider-Man (Peter Parker), whom he expressed his desire to retire from heroics to. Peter not only accepted his decision but offered him a job at Parker Industries.[6]

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