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Li Ching-Lin was an agent working for MI6 who was secretly working for Fu Manchu. Lin was considered so brutal and dangerous by MI6's director Fah Lo Suee that she hired Denis Nayland Smith and Shang-Chi to eliminate him. Shang-Chi visited his residence, and a small fight ensued in which Shang-Chi was able to dominate Lin and so Lin fled. When Lin returned to Fu Manchu, who was using the alias Wang Yu-Seng, he was anointed as the "Death-Dealer" and was given him a mask and costume. Death-Dealer travelled to Leiko's apartment, where Shang-Chi and his gang were meeting. Death-Dealer launched a grenade through the window but was unsuccessful in killing anyone. Before leaving, he again fought Shang-Chi and the pair dueled with both fists and blades until Death-Dealer was disarmed by Clive Reston's gun. Outmatched, Death-Dealer fled and dove out the window into the River Thames. Before leaving, he dropped a deck of cards in the rubble.[1]

Death-Dealer returned to Fu Manchu and Shang-Chi realized the cards were a hidden mosaic of Fu Manchu's castle. Shang-Chi then began searching London for the location of Wang Yu-Seng. When Shang-Chi was knocked out by the poison from a giant scorpion that had been created by Fu, Death-Dealer helped bring Shang-Chi back to the laboratory.[2] Shang-Chi eventually escaped and Death-Dealer was sent to fight him again. However, even in his weakened state, Shang-Chi proved to be a stronger opponent than Death-Dealer realized and he fled with Fu Manchu as the palace started to flood. He and Fu Manchu fled on a helicopter vowing to return to China.[3]

In China, they took up residence in Fu Manchu's castle there. When Shang-Chi arrived at the fortress, Death-Dealer confronted him and attempted to claim some of Shang-Chi's blood but was quickly killed when Shang-Chi threw a brazier at him and the Death-Dealer erupted in flames.[4]





Death Dealer is a master martial artist, well-trained in several forms of armed and unarmed combat, specializing in the use of swords and knives in particular, but also enjoys more modern weaponry, such as guns and explosives.

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