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An illegal Chinese immigrant, Lian Goh was forced into prostitution, but managed to escape thanks to the aid of Ghost Rider, with whom she eventually fell in love. Sadly, her former enslavers managed to find her and killed her. She was then transformed into a Spirit of Vengeance named Pao Fu (after the Chinese goddess of vengeance) by Blackheart, who intended to use her in an elaborate plan to bond Noble Kale to his realm and thus gain access to Ghost Rider's power source. Though she retained her romantic feelings for Ghost Rider, she and her fellow Spirits of Vengeance overpowered him and took him to Blackheart's realm. There, Blackheart offered to break the curse on Kale's family, in exchange for Ghost Rider marrying Pao Fu and assuming control over the Spirits. He agreed, but asked to also marry Blackheart's consort, Black Rose, a reincarnation of Roxanne Simpson, the wife of former Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze. Blackheart agreed to this extra stipulation, intending for Black Rose to kill Ghost Rider. After the wedding, Kale was returned to Earth, while Ketch's soul was trapped within Blackheart's realm. Ghost Rider knew that Black Rose intended to kill him, and thus granted her and Pao Fu their freedom from Blackheart's control. As Kale's memories were restored, Ghost Rider grew stronger and slew Blackheart and took over his realm (after which he returned Ketch to Earth).[1][2]

Pao Fu played no role in Ghost Rider's subsequent reign, but apparently returned to Earth when Blackheart was revived, as she has appeared in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files as an unknown quantity.[3]



  • Supernaturally-augmented abilities



  • Blade capable of killing other Spirits of Vengeance.[4]

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