Liana Feeser, like the other members of the Bastards of Evil, was kidnapped by the Superior and exposed to Beta radiation, in the process giving her incredible superpowers. She was also subjected to 'personal narrative implants', causing false memories. Among these was the belief that she had recently discovered that her true father was the supervillain the Grey Gargoyle.[2]

Taking on the codename of "Mortar", she joined the the Bastards of Evil, believing in their mission of spreading wanton, purposeless destruction and terror. She was among the more laid back members of the group, though she often sided with Singularity in arguments. After Singularity revealed the truth and was killed by the Superior, she demanded to know the truth, only for her form to be used as a way to disable the Superior by Gravity long enough for the Young Allies to defeat the Bastards.[3]

Mortar, along with the remaining members of the Bastards of Evil, is currently being held in prison. She is still upset about the truth of her altered memories as well as the source of her powers. However, the Superior has suggested he will 'ease <her> confused mind', suggesting he will attempt to alter her memory once again.[2]


Liquid-Stone Body: Mortar's body is made of organic stone, which is made of a compound mixture of sand and water like cement. She is able to control her body like Sandman and Hydro-Man which she can shapeshift her hands and limbs into various weapons and contort her body in normally-impossible ways in order to avoid attacks and strike from unexpected angles. She can change her density at will to become solid like granite or softer and more fluid like wet cement. She appears to have enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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