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Libby Windham was the wife of Reg Greenwood, with whom she had two daughters, Dawn and Eve. She suddenly left them one day, leaving Anchor Bay in a boat to San Francisco, leaving all of her belongings behind with a note that mentioned she desired more in her life, but was sorry nonetheless.

Many years later, Dawn became the companion of the Silver Surfer. When she told him about her mother, the Surfer used his cosmically-empowered senses to track down Libby from a strand of hair left in a hairbrush, and flew with Dawn to San Francisco to have her reunite with Libby as a surprise.[1]

While initially reluctant to visit her estranged mother, Dawn nervously and knocked at her door. Dawn's presence surprised Libby, who received her daughter with coldness. Libby warmed up to Dawn as she told her mother about her adventures with the Silver Surfer. However, Libby abruptly kicked Dawn out of her house when she mentioned that Eve was pregnant.

At that very same moment, the city was victim to an attack from Terra Forms, prompting Dawn to go help the Silver Surfer and Spider-Man fight them. During the battle, Dawn was partially drained of her life force by these creatures and her plasma levels reached dangerously low levels. Libby was present in the crowd when Spider-Man asked for a donor who shared blood type with Dawn, O negative. As she was losing consciousness, Dawn witnessed her mother backing down from going to her aid and disappearing into the crowd.[2]

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