Libera Cielo

Libera Cielo
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Asgard,[2] Libera Cielo, "Clear Sky", Floating City[3]
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Flying city
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Alchemax created the floating city and several workers nicknamed it Valhalla, which caught on. They then used it as a base for their Aesir program. Unfortunately, the anti-gravity drives that propelled it where a major ecological hazard, killing whatever happened to be under the city. It could only be boarded by air-car or mag-lev. The mag-lev track was special particles in the air, creating a rainbow effect called Bifrost.

Bifrost (Earth-928)


The bridge Bifrost is one of only two ways to access Valhalla. Its composition creates a spectacular rainbow effect, giving it its name.

At the end of the Fall of the Hammer, the Aesir was defeated, and Doom took Valhalla to Latveria, renaming it Liberia Cielo

Libera Cielo was destroyed with all it passengers, including the Cyberdive Cadre, during the strike-back of the Corporations. It then crashed on the White House.[4]

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