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In 1942, the Red Skull had kidnapped and brainwashed the Invaders, with only Bucky evading capture.[1] Bucky, realizing the danger that a German-friendly Invaders posed, sent out a call for help to all the other available superheroes. Several of them came forward to help him: the Patriot, the Whizzer, Miss America, the Red Raven, the Thin Man, the Blue Diamond, and Jack Frost.[2]

This group called themselves the "Liberty Legion" and successfully freed the Invaders from the Red Skull's grasp.[3] After the Skull's defeat, the Liberty Legion decided to remain together and act as the homefront equivalent of the Invaders.[4]

They continued to fight various threats in the U.S. during the War, from crime to German sympathizers, and even encountered a time-traveling Thing at one point.[5][6] The Invaders and the Legion joined forces again to fight the Iron Cross, after which the Whizzer and Miss America left the Legion to join the Invaders.[7]

After WW2 ended, the Legion and the Invaders disbanded, with some of the members of each group coming together to form the All-Winners Squad.[8]


Marvel Premiere Vol 1 29

The Liberty Legion

  • The Thin Man went on to co-star in the 2004-05 series the New Invaders.
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