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Quote1 This is the Library of Worlds. A conduit between universes built by the Beyonders when they still believed "life" to be a valuable experiment. Quote2
Molecule Man[src]

The Library of Worlds is an almost incomprehensibly vast library located outside the observable Multiverse, which can be used to access other universes.[3][4] It was created by the Beyonders (a.k.a. Ivory Kings) as a gift to the Multiverse.[1][3][2] Doors to the library can be found all over the Multiverse, such as Earth-1365 and Earth-1903990, but they can only be opened via the Great Keys.[1][4]

When the Beyonders began their experiment to end the Multiverse, Rabum Alal, his Black Swans, and the Molecule Man began using this place as their base of operations to hide from their enemies.[4][2]


The Beyonders & the Incursions[]

Library of Worlds from New Avengers Vol 3 5 001

A key to the Library of Worlds

The Beyonders (Ivory Kings, Sinnu Sarrum, etc.) had once gifted the keys to their Library of Worlds to worlds across the Multiverse. To the people of Earth-1365, this was their most prized possession.[1]

Black Swans (Multiverse) from New Avengers Vol 3 5 001

Black Swans in the Library

After losing interest on "life" as a valuable experiment, the Beyonders abandoned the Library of Worlds and tried to cause the simultaneous death of everything using the Molecule Men. In an attempt to sabotage this and save the Multiverse, Doctor Doom and the Molecule Man of Earth-616 began eliminating the Molecule Men early in hopes to mitigate the damage.[5] The duo used the Library as their base of operations, since the Beyonders could not observe them there. With time, Doom (under the guise of Rabum Alal) recruited many female members of various species to be Black Swans, his minions to eliminate all the Molecule Men against the Beyonders, though the Molecule Men's deaths triggered the incursions.[2]

Time Runs Out[]

Eventually, Doctor Doom and the Molecule Man realized that killing the Molecule Men early was not going to save the Multiverse, so they got tricky and changed tactics. Instead of killing the Molecule Men, they began collecting them and kept them in a secret chamber at the Library of Worlds, without the Swans' knowledge.[5]

Stephen Strange (Earth-616), Black Priests (Multiverse), and Black Swans (Multiverse) from New Avengers Vol 3 31 001

The Black Priests being ambushed by the Black Swans at the Library

Victor von Doom (Earth-616), Stephen Strange (Earth-616), and Owen Reece (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 3 31 001

Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and the Molecule Man preparing to confront the Beyonders

Due to misinformation,[2] the Black Priests and Doctor Strange were trying to enter the Library of Worlds as they believed Rabum Alal and the Swans were one of the factions trying to destroy the Multiverse, along with the Ivory Kings.[3][6] When they used a key to enter the door located in Earth-1903990, they sent every single Black Priest to attack. However, they were lured to a room where words cannot be spoken; thus, the Black Priests had no power, and all of the Black Priests were wiped out, except for Strange. The Swans brought Strange to see Rabum Alal, who revealed himself as Doctor Doom.[4] Doom soon explained to Strange that he was trying to save the Multiverse, not to destroy it.[2] They departed the Library with a bomb made of Molecule Men and launched it at the Beyonders, destroying them and stealing the Beyonders' power, allowing Doom to save the remnants of the Multiverse as Battleworld.[5]


After the Multiverse had been restored as the Eighth Cosmos,[7] the Library of Worlds became public and much more accessible.[8] The Black Swans were removed.[9]

Library of Worlds from G.O.D.S

Aiko Maki showing Mia DiMaria the renovated Library

Doctor Strange and the Centum summoned many magicians and scientists, including Wyn and Dimitri, to the Library of Worlds to inform them about the threat of Cubisk Core and the Babylon Event.[10] After defeating Cubisk Core, Aiko Maki, the Ninety-Seventh Centivar, guided the latent magic user Mia DiMaria to the Library to recruit her.[11] While Wyn, Strange, and the Centum gathered to discuss recent events, Dimitri and Mia befriended each other but were suddenly greeted by one of the greatest abstract entities: Oblivion.[12] Nearby, Robert Forson, who was marked like Cubisk Core, began another apocalypse attempt but Wyn and Strange defeated him as well to Oblivion's disappointment.[13]

Points of Interest

Library of Worlds from New Avengers Vol 3 31 001

The Black Priests exploring the Library of Worlds

Being a conduit between realities, the Library of Worlds is labyrinthic in nature, its twisted paths making it easy to become lost in other worlds.[1][4] Each room inside the Library seemingly has its own features, as seen in the following examples:

  • The first room found by Doctor Strange and the Black Priests stored imprisoned keepers of lost knowledge.
  • The second contained hard drives entirely composed of light.
  • The third was similar to the Library's corridors, as it was an intersection of divergent worlds.
  • The fourth was a void that made it impossible for words to be pronounced.[4]
In addition to these unique rooms, the Library also had a private chamber for Doctor Doom where no Black Swan was allowed to enter.[2]



  • The space in which the Library of Worlds exists is similar to the Beyond.[2]
  • The Library lies on a separate axis from the worlds it to which it opens. After Yabbat Ummon Tarru had entered the Library, she spent years training with the Black Swans and was able to return to Earth-1365 mere moments after she had originally left.[3]


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