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The Library of Worlds is a place outside the Multiverse that was built by the Beyonders to store all the information they could gather. Several universes, such as Earth-1365 and Earth-1903990, have access to the Library via the Great Keys.[3][2]


After losing interest on "life" as a valuable experiment, the Beyonders abandoned the Library of Worlds and tried to cause the simultaneous death of everything. That plan, however, was thwarted by the Doctor Doom and Molecule Man of Earth-616 when they kick-started the premature death of the Multiverse instead. The duo then began to use the Library as their base of operations, since the Beyonders couldn't observe them there. With time, Doom (under the guise of Rabum Alal) recruited many female survivors of the incursions to be Black Swans, his soldiers in the secret war he was waging against the Beyonders.[2]

Points of Interest

Being a conduit between realities, the Library of Worlds is labyrinthic in nature, its twisted paths making it easy to become lost in other worlds.[1][3] Each room inside the Library seemingly has its own features, as seen in the following examples:

  • The first room found by Doctor Strange and the Black Priests stored imprisoned keepers of lost knowledge.
  • The second contained hard drives entirely composed of light.
  • The third was similar to the Library's corridors, as it was an intersection of divergent worlds.
  • The fourth was a void that made it impossible for words to be pronounced.[3]

In addition to these unique rooms, the Library also had a private chamber for Doctor Doom where no Black Swan was allowed to enter.[2]


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