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Lichtenbad, officially the Principality of Lichtenbad, is a doubly landlocked German-speaking[citation needed] microstate in central Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy[citation needed] with the rank of principality,[citation needed] headed by a Duke. The center of government is ruled from Castle Kruger located in the heart of the city.


Duke Klaus Kruger's rule

Lichtenbad was ruled as a slave state by Duke Klaus Kruger until his evil tyranny was overthrown by Daredevil and Doctor Van Eyck,[1] and Kruger was killed.[2]


Following the Duke's death, the country was in turmoil for years until Victor Vandoom turned the late Duke's Castle Kruger into his base of operations. The castle was destroyed when Red Hulk hurled the American Kaiju against it.[2]

Alternate Universes


On Earth-TRN911, Duke Klaus Kruger was similarly tyrannical and was deposed by el Hombre Araña, secretly his former university class co-student Peter Parker, in a way similar to Earth-616's Lichtenbad. Kruger had attracted Parker to Lichtenbad claiming that the country had several specialists that could treat Peter's Aunt May's optometry problem - but Kruger may have been lying.[3]



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