Quote1 Preposterous! Pure science fiction balderdash! I don't believe a word of it! Quote2
-- Lieutenant General Fredricks after listening to an explanation on how the Vanisher's powers work. src

Fredricks was a General in the United States Army. He had several run-ins with the X-Men early in the team's career. On occasion he was known to voice mild prejudice towards mutants.

Fredricks once prevented his troops from firing their weapons at the Human Torch after the Torch had saved the army's atomic tank from the Miracle Man's monster.[1]

The Vanisher once threatened to steal continental defense plans from Fredricks. The villain later made good on that promise, only to have his attempt at blackmailing the government halted by the X-Men.[2]

After the X-Men defeated Bolivar Trask's Sentinels, Fredricks, on behalf of the armed services, thanked Charles Xavier for his aid as a civilian adviser.[3]

On orders from the Pentagon, Fredricks shot the experimental missile "Sonic Shark", that used cosmic energy, against the Silver Surfer, who had became a threat. The Fantastic Four diverted the missile to save the Surfer's life, which in turn convinced the Surfer to stop being a threat.[4]

Fredricks allowed the X-Men to confront Count Nefaria when he and his Ani-Men had taken control of NORAD at Valhalla Mountain. Fredricks had actually called for the Avengers, who were unable to make it.[5]

Later, still at NORAD, General Fredericks was sufficiently concerned about tempests created by Storm to notify the President.[6]

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