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The Life Foundation believed that the conclusion of the Cold War would bring about a nuclear holocaust that would result in the mutually assured destruction of modern civilization. To that end, under the leadership of Carlton Drake they constructed a large fallout shelter to provide a place for their wealthy clients to live comfortably. In order to protect their future utopian society, they created five Symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom: Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Scream.[1]

Posing as a branch of the NSA, the Life Foundation hired Professor Toshiro Mikashi to conduct research into biogenics, intending to find a cure for Carlton Drake's terminal cancer.[2] Capturing Spider-Man,[3] the Life Foundation used him to accelerate their research. Seeking to assassinate Drake and usurp control of the Life Foundation, Roland Treece injected him with the results of Professor Mikashi's research, instead causing him to mutate into a humanoid spider-monster.[4] The Spoiler and Jury turned on the Life Foundation and helping Spider-Man escape and Professor Mikashi sacrificing himself to self-destruct the Life Foundation's facility, with Treece being apprehended by government forces.[5]

According to Mendel Stromm, the Life Foundation ended up succumbing to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.[6] However, as a result of Roxxon's downfall at the hands of the Hulk and Xemnu,[7] and Alchemax being attacked by Carnage's Hive,[8][9] the Life Foundation was able to recoup their losses and emerge as the preeminent authority on symbiote-related matters in a world traumatized by three major attacks by malevolent symbiotes in the space of a few months. The Life Foundation bankrolled an attempt to apprehend the Venom and Sleeper symbiotes that ended with the assassination of Eddie Brock and the deaths of dozens of soldiers at the hands of Eddie's son Dylan, who'd bonded to the Venom symbiote.[10] This attracted the attention of New York Senator Arthur Krane, who had been taken over by the Carnage symbiote and killed his own father, Senator Peter Krane. While Senator Krane - secretly a sociopath who'd sworn fealty to Carnage - expressed dislike towards Carlton Drake, he offered to give the Life Foundation the authority to shape symbiote-related government policy, in exchange for their collaboration.[11][12]



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