The Life Seed was an artifact of Celestial design, created as one string of a number of cosmic relics forged by the Celestials. It was carried by the Celestial Gardeners to be used to plant life on new worlds according to their scheme.[1] This process will deplete it, however, though, its energy can be used in small doses, as seen with Tabula Rasa.[citation needed]

The Life Seed was also the only way to break the influence of the Death Seed by implanting it into the infected person. However, in the only example seen, the Life Seed destroyed both Warren's original and Death personas, replacing them with a completely new persona.[citation needed]

While hosted in the new Archangel, Warren displayed a host of entirely new abilities affiliated with the Life Seed within himself, such as aura reading to life force manipulation for blasts, constructs and self augmentations. It also possess the uncanny (if not biblical) prospect of resurrecting those who were once dead and bringing them back to life, as seen when the Apocalypse Twins utilized them in conjunction with Death Seeds to turn a group of deceased mutants and superhumans into their Horsemen against the Uncanny Avengers.[1]


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