The Incubator was a machine created from the renmants of Galan's ship, and incubated him for eons until he was awakened as Galactus.[2]

When Galactus consumed his first planet, Archeopia, the Incubator escaped the lessened gravity and drifted through space until it fell in Moroder-9 and its power was used by a warlorld. Spectrum and Ms. America of the Ultimates tracked down the Incubator, and brought it to Taa II, Galactus' ship. The devourer of worlds was trapped into the chamber against his will by the rest of the Ultimates, and using Neutronium, the process of the Incubator was accelerated.

When Galactus emerged once again anew from the machine, he had become the opposite of his previous nature, and was now a lifebringer.[3]

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