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The mysterious woman known only as Lifeforce was a mutant member of the second incarnation of the Dark Riders. Her mutant ability enabled her to siphon the life out of any living creature and absorb the strength into herself. She was also well-trained in hand-to-hand combat. Along with the rest of the Dark Riders, her first mission was to hunt down mutants found unfit by their master, Genesis. The first target was the former Dark Rider, Foxbat. The Dark Riders tracked Foxbat down in Egypt and trapped him against the wall. Lifeforce asked her leader Gauntlet if she could "have" Foxbat, which he allowed. Lifeforce then killed Foxbat by draining his life from his body.[1]

Lifeforce and the Dark Riders were then ordered to hunt down Caliban, another of Apocalypse's former allies. They ambushed Caliban in the Morlock sewers in New York City where they encountered Cable, Domino, and Storm. Lifeforce brawled with Domino, and, getting the upper hand, began to drain Domino's energy. However, rubble from the falling debris hit Lifeforce in the back of the head, disorienting her and allowing Domino to headbutt the villain and escape her grasp. Her teammates grabbed Lifeforce and were teleported to safety by Hard-Drive.[1]

Caliban assisted the trio in tracking the Dark Riders to Egypt. Lifeforce ambushed Storm in the middle of the desert where Hurricane had created a sandstorm. Cable shot Lifeforce off of Storm before she could drain her.[2]

When Genesis appeared, the Dark Riders managed to capture Cable and take him to Apocalypse's old fortress. Cable's allies stormed the fortress and in the ensuing battle, Domino took out Lifeforce. Genesis, too, suffered defeat, and ordered Hard-Drive to teleport them to safety.[3]

Lifeforce was next seen threatening Mister Sinister alongside Genesis and the Riders. She later battled Jean Grey and began to drain Jean's consciousness from her physical body. Jean managed to fight Lifeforce off but soon found herself teleported away with the Dark Riders.[4]

In a Scotland castle dungeon, Lifeforce and her teammates Hurricane and Spyne freed the mutant Cyber from his imprisonment.[5] They took Cyber to Akkaba where they met Jamil, a servant of Candra.[6] Jamil led the Dark Riders to the Egyptian Citadel where Lifeforce tested his skills and reported back to Genesis.[7]

As Cyber started to suspect the Dark Riders of ill intent regarding his adamantium, he became aggressive. Lifeforce and her teammates restrained him and forced him into a chamber where he was attacked and killed by death-watch beetles, stripping his adamantium from his corpse.[8] Jamil then led Wolverine to the Genesis's Citadel where he was captured by the Riders. Genesis planned to wipe Wolverine's mind and appoint him as his first Horseman. Lifeforce stood at the controls of the adamantium bonding apparatus. When Wolverine started rejecting the adamantium, Lifeforce used a fire extinguisher to clear the area and continue the process. However, the machinery overloaded and caused an explosion that killed Hurricane. Genesis ordered the other Dark Riders to chase after Wolverine, who had been rescued by Cannonball. When Lifeforce didn't respond to Genesis's orders, he moved her chair around to find that she, too, had been killed by the adamantium shrapnel.[9]

For unknown reasons, Lifeforce was the only Dark Rider not resurrected with the Transmode Virus by Selene.[10]

Powers and Abilities


Energy Absorption: Lifeforce had the power to drain the energy from her victims by touch, revitalizing her own energy which could be fired in concussive blasts.


  • It is speculated that Lifeforce's Age of Apocalypse counterpart was Death, a member of Apocalypse's first line of Horsemen.
  • In Lifeforce's earliest appearances, she only spoke in whispers. However, later comics depicted standard speech bubbles for Lifeforce's dialogue.

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