Lifeforce was a mutant member of the second incarnation of the Dark Riders. Her mutant ability enabled her to suck the life out of her enemies and absorb their strength into herself. She was also well-trained in hand-to-hand combat. Along with the rest of the Dark Riders, she was sent out to hunt down mutants found unfit by their master, Genesis. Their first target was the former Dark Rider Foxbat. Lifeforce maliciously sucked the life out of him, leaving him for dead. Later, as the Dark Riders went up against a few of the X-Men, Lifeforce battled Domino, but was defeated. Lifeforce eventually joined her comrades, Spyne and Hurricane, in breaking the mutant Cyber out of prison. She was killed during an attempt to re-apply the adamantium process to Wolverine when he rejected the adamantium, causing shrapnel to stab into her body. Genesis, unaware of her death, continued to order her until he saw her corpse lying in the rubble.


Energy Absorption: Lifeforce had the power to drain the energy from her victims by touch, revitalizing her own energy which could be fired in concussive blasts.

  • It is speculated that Lifeforce's Age of Apocalypse counterpart was Death, a member of Apocalypse's first line of Horsemen.

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