Light of Galador
Light of Galador from Cable Vol 4 2 0001.jpg
Official Name
Light of Galador
Light of Krakoa[1]
Current owner(s)
Previous owner(s)
Physical Characteristics
Main material(s)
Variable (between 80 and 100 cm in length)[1]
999 grams[1]
Place of Creation
Galador (presumed)[1]
Creators and Appearances
Quote1.png Sword in the stone, stationed in space. A young man, born old, pilots a place. Quote2.png

The Light of Galador was a powerful Plandanium sword formerly belonging to the Galadorian Spaceknights.


It was the weapon of one of the progenitors of the Galadorian Spaceknights called Morn who Cable pulled from the body of an Arakkoan monster appropriating it but was later claimed by the Spaceknights who arrived on Earth and attacked Cable and appropriating the weapon.[2]

After receiving a clue from Saturnyne and recruiting his parents to help, Cable travelled to the Peak and used the Light of Galador to power the space station.[3][1]


  • Energy Conductor: The Light of Galador is either an energy conduit or contains a massive amount of energy. The Light of Galador contain enough energy to power the Peak space station.[1]
  • Data Storage: The Light of Galador holds zettabytes (and possibly yottabytes) of untapped information.[1]


  • The Light of Galador is primarily made of Plandanium, but also has compounds similar to other found in group 6 of the periodic table such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, and seaborgium.[1]

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