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Official Name
White Light of Nirvalon[1]
Light of Nirvalon,[1] Power of Mystic Light,[2] Mighty Light of Nirvalon,[3] Pure White Light of Nirvalon[4]
Current owner(s)
Physical Characteristics
Spell calling upon the powers of Nirvalon by invoking the white light of Nirvalon
Lead Designer
Nirvalon (source of power)
Place of Creation
Creators and Appearances
Quote1.png By the power that moves and breathes and flow and grows with us as one--May Nirvalon quash all despair through pure white light...Be done! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange & Clea[src]

The Light of Nirvalon was a magical spell that called upon the powers of Nirvalon to summon a pure white light, by invoking the white light of Nirvalon,[5] used to dispel illusions of dark energies[1] (it was described by That mystic light expanded from Nirvalon's Bright Sea.[6]


Together Doctor Strange and Clea summoned the Light of Nirvalon to attack the Dweller-in-Darkness and cast him out of his human hosts.[5]

While battling Ludi, Clea attacked with the Light of Nirvalon causing him to withdraw.[2]

Doctor Strange once cast the Light of Nirvalon and Powers of Poseidon to control the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to bring Clea out of the water.[3]

The Mystic Light from far Nirvalon were summoned as a restoration spell to reverse the damages done by Margali Szardos under the influence of her magical wand.

Doctor Strange used a modified version[citation needed] of this spell, called the Sphere of Nirvalon, to safely contained the Darkhold within a sphere of light.[7]

When Umar the Unrelenting create a dragon from seafoam to attack Doctor Strange, Strange used the Light of Nirvalon bedazzle the long enough to entrance the dragon's mind.[4]

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