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Quote1.png By the power that moves and breathes and flow and grows with us as one--May Nirvalon quash all despair through pure white light...Be done! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange & Clea[src]

The Light of Nirvalon was a magical spell that called upon the powers of Nirvalon to summon a pure white light, by invoking the white light of Nirvalon,[5] used to dispel illusions of dark energies[1] (it was described by That mystic light expanded from Nirvalon's Bright Sea.[6]


Together Doctor Strange and Clea summoned the Light of Nirvalon to attack the Dweller-in-Darkness and cast him out of his human hosts.[5]

While battling Ludi, Clea attacked with the Light of Nirvalon causing him to withdraw.[2]

Doctor Strange once cast the Light of Nirvalon and Powers of Poseidon to control the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to bring Clea out of the water.[3]

The Mystic Light from far Nirvalon were summoned as a restoration spell to reverse the damages done by Margali Szardos under the influence of her magical wand.

Doctor Strange used a modified version[citation needed] of this spell, called the Sphere of Nirvalon, to safely contained the Darkhold within a sphere of light.[7]

When Umar the Unrelenting create a dragon from seafoam to attack Doctor Strange, Strange used the Light of Nirvalon bedazzle the long enough to entrance the dragon's mind.[4]

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