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Lightforce is the name given to a force of energy that is the counterpart to the Darkforce, its opposite in every way. While the Darkforce is corruptive, Lightforce energy is cleansing, being derived from life force and capable of purging toxins, drugs, and other malignant substances, as well as curing diseases, mental instability, and criminal inhibitions.[3] It can also be used offensively, as seen with Tandy Bowen's signature light daggers.

Overuse of Lightforce-related healing powers weakens the user, potentially leaving them vulnerable to attack. Lightforce users are also vulnerable to Darkforce energy, which can disable them.[4] Darkforce users can also feed off Lightforce energy, as seen with the symbiotic relationship between Cloak and Dagger.

Lightforce users affected by Mister Negative's corruptive touch - derived from the Darkforce - will become Darkforce users themselves, and vice versa.[5]

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