Quote1 Boy! He sure is a beauty – he'll fill the bill, perfectly! Quote2
-- Jim Gardley (Masked Raider) src

Lightning was a faithful horse belonging to the western hero known as the Masked Raider. It was a rare Dominant White Equus Ferus Mustang with remarkable abilities.[1]

In 1849, prior to becoming the Raider, Jim Gardley was framed for cattle rustling charges by Cal Brunder and spent weeks in the wilderness honing his marksmanship in order to become a crime fighter. During his time out in the Californian desert, he came across a white stallion which one day was captured. Gardley tamed the horse and trained it to follow his commands, forming a unique bond together. Naming the horse Lightning, he rode the horse back to his home town of Cactusville to seek out the justice and oppose Brunder.[2]

Lightning took the Masked Raider to the various towns he visited such as Prairie City;[3] Bury-Me, Idaho;[4] Gnaham, Utah;[5] and Fade Out, Arizona.[6] After riding the Masked Raider into the town of El Pinos, New Mexico, Lightning saved his master from being shot by cattle rustler Sam Marvin.[7]

Lightning took the Masked Rider onward to Bar Ville, Oklahoma;[8] Rio Cacques, Kansas;[9] Lawson City, Nebraska;[10] Two Forks, Wyoming;[11] Pijon Pass, Colorado[12] and lastly Rocky Creek, Texas. There, the Raider sent Lightning off to deliver secessionist Grey Gidden over to the authorities.[13]

Lightning continued to ride with the Masked Raider, however subsequent adventures remain unrecorded, it is known that he stayed with the Raider until his death.[14] In 1880, even at 40 years old, Lightning was still alive and vital. The horse was ridden by Ideal Gardley Oritz a young woman who is suspected of being the Masked Raider's daughter. Eventually, Lightning rode off into the desert, as if called by some unseen signal and has not been seen again.[15]


Lightning had exceptional speed, strength and intelligence for a horse. It was trained to open doors, chew through ropes and to help the Raider against their enemies.[1]

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