Lightning was a wild Palomino Stallion that roamed free near the town of Horsehead Junction, Texas during the days of the American Frontier. Many tried to capture the horse after it stole a mare from one of the local ranchers. All failed until outlaw gunfighter Tex Morgan and his partner Lobo rode through the area. Spotting the horse, Tex managed to lasso onto the horse and buck it until was tamed. Tex named the horse Lightning and it has been his faithful companion during most of his adventures. He also tamed Lightnings mate for Lobo, who named the female horse Cloud.[1]

Lightning was Tex's trusty steed and took him to such locations as: the Painted Desert;[2] Bitters Creek; Tombstone, Arizona;[3] Clear Water Creek; White Man's End;[4] Red Creek Run;[5] Seven Mile;[6] Clear Creek; Mineral Wells; Grey Wolf Valley;[7] Mud-Creek;[8] Hangtown; New Mexico;[9] Baja, California; Sioux Falls; Cherry Creek Valley;[10] Southern Canada;[11] Choctaw Creek;[12] Rimrock Valley;[13] Powder Smoke Valley; Silver City;[14] and Bloody River.[15]

Despite being a wild horse, Lightning was quickly tamed and became very loyal to Tex. When Tex was on the hunt for a wild Pinto stallion named Killer, Tex was knocked off Lightning chasing it. Killer would have trampled Tex to death if Lightning had not stepped in and fought the wild horse to the death.[16] Lightning also assisted Tex in winning a rodeo contest against Ace Stevens.[17] While in Rimrock Valley, Lightning saved Tex from the zombie created by mad scientist Carl Tuesday, trampling the mad man to death.[13]

Tex Morgan continued to ride his horse Lightning even after, for reasons unknown, was operating under the alias Red Hawkins.[18]


Lightning is a highly intelligent horse who can understand basic commands from Tex Morgan.

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