The man who would later call himself "Lightning Conductor" was a Broadway director/composer/conductor who used to be in charge of a muscial based on Iron Man's life called The Man In the Iron Mask. Since it inaccurately portrayed Tony Stark as a pervert, he was fired by Stark himself and replaced.

Having taken this turn of events badly, the former director developed an intense hatred for Iron Man. Because of this, the Lightning Ring of the Mandarin chose him as its host, "Mandarin Nine." He became the Lightning Conductor and later fought Iron Man in Broadway. After using his ring in an attack which left him in need of recharge, Conductor was ambushed by Malekith the Accursed, who decapitated him and took his ring.[1]


Electro-Blast: Lightning Conductor could project blasts of electrical energy.[1]

Teleportation: Additionally, his ring enabled Lightning Conductor to teleport. Its teleportation range is unknown, but it could even allow its bearer to travel even through realms.


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