Excalibur's Time Train

Lightning Force's Train from Excalibur Vol 1 14 001
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Lightning Force's Train
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Excalibur (formerly)
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The Lightning Force's Train was built on Earth-597 for that Earth’s version of Excalibur. Widget built a portal around a railway tunnel that sent a Scotrail train carrying Moira McTaggart and Callisto to Earth-597 and brought it to Earth, carrying the Earth-597 equivalents of Moira McTaggart and Callisto.

It later arrived in Euston Station where it was met by Dai Thomas and W.H.O.[1] After the Lightning Force of Earth-597 were apprehended, it was sent to the north of England where it was exchanged for the Scotrail train of Earth-597. However, Reichminister Taggart left it behind and threw a nuclear grenade at it in an attempt to destroy Excalibur. Rachel Summers deflected the force of the blast, which was absorbed by Widget, who used the energy to send the train and its occupants to Earth-1193.[2] It landed heavily on Earth-1193, ploughing into the soil. It was later attacked by the Shaitan and heavily damaged.[3]

Later, it was taken to the Palace by Rachel, where it was fixed by a team of ogres and giants.[4]

When Rachel grew angry and the Phoenix Force flared in the train, Widget absorbed the energy and sent the train to Earth-8910.[5]

After Excalibur found Rachel and returned to the train, it left for numerous other Earths, including Earth-1189 and Earth-89130.[6]

The train briefly returned to Earth-616, before Rachel accidentally sent it back into the timestream, where it arrived in mid-air on Earth-1289.[7]

Later, after defeating Anjulie,[8] the train set off once more but was violently forced out of the time stream as Rachel panicked, crashing on Earth-9019.[9]

After being fixed by Nightcrawler and Alistaire Stuart, it arrived in Euston Station again, but this time on Earth-2122.[10]

Later, travelling once again, Widget forced the train to land on Earth-23238, where it crashed into the glass dome of Kit Pryde’s tower as Widget tried to track down Kitty Pryde.[11]

After departing Earth-23238, it was summoned to the Omniversal Hub by Saturnyne, who wished to end Excalibur’s damage to time.[12] It returned to Earth-616, where it lied unused in the cave under Excalibur’s lighthouse until Widget ate it in order to grow herself a body.[13]

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