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Dominated by the Demon Princelings

Meeting with the Phoenix

Evolution stopped

A billion years ago, on a planet ruled by Demon Princelings, those had made Evolution and Progress to stop thanks to a great rite in order to enslave the populations.

The Messiah and the Lights

The rite proved to be effective, until emerged the Phoenix Messiah. After her emerging, she gathered five acolytes, the Lights, banded together with loyalty. All of them were powered beings, but their origins are unknown.

Communed with the Phoenix

Together, they waged rebellion against the Lord of Stasis, and at last, the Phoenix Force came to them, and they communed, although the Demon Lords fought to prevent it.

Evolution restarting

The spell was broken by the Five and One and the Phoenix Force, and the Demons were swept away.

The whole history was witnessed by the alien peace-keeping robot Unit, who intended to witness a billion years later a variant of that story by observing Hope Summers, the Mutant Messiah, without her own Lights.[1]


The Lights seemed to possess the following powers:

  • Flight thanks to purple cut out wings.
  • Presumably Superhuman strength, scythe-shaped arms and sharp teeth.
  • Cryokinesis through the hands.
  • A toad-like demon, presumably granted with related abilities.
  • The Phoenix Messiah was granted with Pyrokinesis coming through mouth and eyes orbits, unusual body parts for her species.

Following their communion with the Phoenix, they were all powered with flight, and possibly other powers related to the Phoenix.



Their own powers.


Their own flight.


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