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Five Lights, Mutant Emergence Rescue Team[1], Hope and the Lights
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Cyclops' X-Men; former liaisons: Kitty Pryde, Rogue
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After Hope Summers returned from the future five mutant's X-Genes were activated across the globe
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Quote1 Oh god, have we come up with a better name than "The Lights"? Quote2
-- Zero



After Hope Summers returned from the future, five mutant's X-Genes were activated across the globe.

Generation Hope Vol 1 5 Textless

Hope and the original Lights

These were the first new mutants since M-Day other than Hope.[2]

Hope and the X-Men have raced around the world to save these young mutants.[3][4] Now with their powers stabilized, The Lights are the hope for the future of the mutant race. Under the direction of Hope and with the consent of Cyclops, the Lights have been begun training as a rescue team for any other new mutant manifestations.[5]

First Mission

While still settling into life on Utopia, and experimenting with their powers, the Lights were called to their first mission: investigating a new mutant manifestation in Berlin.[6] Although they encountered some setbacks, the team was able to pull together, convince the Sixth Light to be born, stabilize his powers and save Berlin from his mind control.[7]

Teon's Trial

When the team arrived from Germany, they were greeted by the news that the Macik's want their son Teon back. While awaiting the trial and in an effort to distract her team from the looming legal proceedings, Hope insisted on adopting codenames. Later despite his normally animalistic nature, Teon was able to eloquently offer a sound case of why he needed to stay with Hope and the X-Men. Immediately after the trial, Laurie and Kenji began to speculate on the reason all of the Lights (themselves included) seemed to be so drawn to following Hope.[8]

Second Mission

After the events in Germany and Teon's trial, Hope and her team continued to train and prepare for more new mutant activations around the world. Thanks to the Stepford Cuckoos monitoring in Cerebra, Hope and the Lights were alerted almost immediately of activation of the Seventh Light's powers. They left quickly, but arrived just after Zee had committed suicide. The whole team took the death very hard.[9]

Scott Summers (Earth-616) and Lights (Earth-616) from Generation Hope Vol 1 13 001

Hope refusing to let Oya leave

Schism and Regenesis

After Kid Omega's attack on the United Nations, anti-mutant sentiment began to rise and world leaders began reactivating Sentinels.[10] Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Mayor Sinclair expedite the grand opening of the Museum of Mutant History. Unfortunately, Kade Kilgore and his Hellfire Club used this opportunity to attack the X-Men. Despite Wolverine's objections, Cyclops ordered Idie to stop the Hellfire Club by killing them. These event lead to a giant super-Sentinel nearly destroying Utopia, and Cyclops and Wolverine parting ways because of philosophical differences.[11][12]

The one thing Cyclops and Wolverine could agree on was Idie would be better off away from Utopia, so despite Hope's objections Idie left with Wolverine and others to resettle Westchester.[13][14]

Lights (Earth-616) from Generation Hope Vol 1 13 002

Hope's new Lights

Already emotionally drained, tempers flared after Hope interrupted a kiss between Pixie and Gabriel. Later, Hope convinced Pixie to join the team to help them solve their transportation problem to prevent another Zeeshan from occurring.[14] No-Girl also joined the team, invited by Kenji.[15]

Getting anxiety to find a new mutant, Hope misinterpreted a light near the Chinese border of Pakistan as a new mutant manifestation. Hope scrabbled her team, but when they arrived they found an amnesiac Sebastian Shaw strapped to a suicide bomb.[15] During the explosion No-Girl's tank was damaged leaving her unsustained and exposed. However, Zero acted quickly and created a body for her. The team narrowly escaped with Shaw from Jin Billion and his Butchers.[16]

Shaw's return to Utopia caused high tensions. While Emma and Cyclops debated the fate of Shaw, several formal Morlocks confronted the Lights. To end the feuding, Hope forcibly took control of and pushed Zero's powers to their limits without his permission and much to his disapproval.[17]

Lights (Earth-616) 003

The Lights after the death of Zero

While Hope studying the information about Shaw's past given her by Cyclops, Zero began to finalize his plans to betray and murder Hope.[18] For weeks Zero had been telepathically subtly turning Utopians against Hope. Zero was even able to influence Emma Frost into telepathically distracting Cyclops. As mind-controlled mutants converged on Hope, the remaining Lights came to her aid. The Lights were able to fight off the other mutants as Hope and No-Girl combined their powers to kill Zero.[19]

During a debriefing session, Shaw was fully inducted and reconciled some of the problems they had been facing.[19]

Younger X-Men (Earth-616) from Avengers Academy Vol 1 29 0001

The Lights and the younger X-Men placed into the custody of the Avengers Academy

Avengers vs. X-Men

When the Avengers arrived enforce on Utopia to take Hope into custody before the arrival of the Phoenix, Cyclops and the X-Men forcibly tried to stop them. During the melee, Hope escaped, but the Lights and young X-Men were left as Cyclops and many of his X-Men fled. Not wanting the younger X-Men to join the war, the Avengers decided to quarantine them at the Avengers Compound with the Avengers Academy.[20] However, the teenage mutants didn't want to remain in custody, and were eventually allowed to leave.[21] The Lights returned to Utopia in search of Hope,[22] but when they couldn't find her they joined the other young mutants in Westchester at Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.[23]

Lights (Earth-616) from Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 15 0001

Oya showing her old teammates around the new school

The Lights were functionally disbanded with the departure of Hope and the enrollment of the remaining members into the Jean Grey School.[23]


Transportation: Pixie's teleportation[14], and X-Jet[24][25][6]
Weapons: Rifles and handguns[5]


  • Although Kitty Pryde was acting liaison to the Lights for a time, Hope has made it clear she was not part of the team and was to serve in a purely advisory capacity.[6]
Lights (Earth-616) 006

Five new mutants activated across the globe

Sixth Light (Earth-616) activated 01

The activation of the sixth light

Zeeshan (Earth-616) and Hope Summers (Earth-616) from Generation Hope Vol 1 6 0001

The activation of Zeeshan


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