The planet Ligra is an Earth-like planet that is home to two dominant races: the evil Dragon-Men and the noble Lion-People. Both races are monarchical societies that are technologically advanced having invented advanced weaponry and are capable of interstellar travel.

Other animals unique to Ligra are: giant War-Eagles, gigantic birds resembling Eagles on Earth and the Oryx-Beasts, horned cloven hoofed creatures. Both of which have been domesticated by the Lion-People and used in combat against the Dragon-Men. The planet is also home to a species of giant octopus that resemble those found on Earth.

In the early 20th century, British inventor Roland Gale built a rocket and took his family to the planet Ligra. There, they were accepted into the Lion-People's kingdom. Roland and his wife were murdered by the Dragon-Men, orphaning their daughter Nara Gale. Nara grew up to be the queen of the Lion-People.[1]

In 1937, Jago, ruler of the Dragon-Men, kidnapped the Earth scientist Professor Philo Zog and his creation the robot known as Electro in order to take over the planet.[2]. Zog was tortured into using his robot to overthrow Queen Nara and capture her. However, Zog escaped and used Electro to defeat the Dragon-Men, restoring Nara as queen of the planet before being returned to Earth.[3]


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