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The young mutant known only as Lil' Bro is the younger brother of Bobby Soul.

Bobby planned to move out of District X and to Las Vegas, both to get a job and to get Lil' Bro to an autism clinic.[2]

Lil Bro was one of a handful of mutants to retain their powers after the events of M-Day.[3]



Telepathy: Lil' Bro is a very powerful telepath, being capable of reading the minds of other people.[citation needed]

  • Image Projection: Lil' Bro is capable is projecting images into the minds of other people.[4][1]

Clairvoyance: Lil' Bro can monitor things happening elsewhere.[4]

Contacting the Dead[5]

Lie Detection: Bobby Soul was unable to lie to him.[5]

Additional Attributes

Lil' Bro was stated to have "serious head issues."[6] He was seen to be very reliant on his older brother, who had to feed him.[5][6] He was seemingly living without using verbal or non-verbal communication after a traumatic experience, neither walking or moving his head.[2][6]


  • Lil' Bro was stated to be autistic.[4][1]

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