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Lila Rhodes is the niece of Technopolis's Thor, Grand Marshal Jim Rhodes, as well as the best friend of Kiri Oshiro.

After the death of Kiri's boyfriend, Peter Urich (also secretly known as the vigilante Spyder-Man), Lila tried to consolate her friend. Kiri finally opened up to her after an industrial spy attacked her workshop, and Kiri snapped out of the calm façade he had put up after Peter's death.[1] Lila later accompanied Kiri to Peter's grave, where Jim gave her niece a status on the investigation of Peter's murder. Lila subsequently tried to get Kiri to stop working non-stop in her projects as a way to cope with Peter's death, but Kiri instead convinced Lila to help her keep working.[2]

When Grand Marshal Rhodes got to the bottom of the mystery of Peter's death, he was confronted by the killer, who was none other than Technopolis' own baron, Tony Stark. Before being killed by Tony, Jim managed to record his confession, in which he revealed he had killed Peter to keep the origin of the airborne disease that affected Technopolis in secret. Rhodes sent the confession to Lila, and Kiri deployed the two mechas she had been working on to end Stark once and for all.[3]


A battle of gigantic proportions took place in the streets of Technopolis between the Stark brothers and Kiri and Lila. While Stark revealed the truth to Kiri, that his father Howard was the responsible for Technopolis' predicament, she had been using the fight as a misdirection to distract the Starks from a virus she had entered into their suits, and ultimately shut them down. Some time later, the Thor Corps arrived to the scene to take care of the Stark brothers, and dispatched them in the name of Doom. While the inhabitants of Technopolis still suffered of the illness, a process of healing began for Technopolis now that the truth wasn't covered, by the hand of its new Baroness, Kiri Oshiro, accompanied by Technopolis' newly appointed Thor, Lila Rhodes.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Lila Rhodes of Earth-616.

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