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Lila Rhodes was the niece of James Rhodes, also known as Iron Patriot. She was a prodigy child who helped her uncle with any modification his armor needed.

After a congressman was blackmailed into denouncing Rhodes, Lila recorded a video which went viral in which she defended her uncle.[1] For it, she and Terrence were kidnapped by the same men who were targeting Rhodey.[2] As they were being held in a warehouse, Lila managed to escape and get to a city nearby, where she got hold of a computer and hacked into one of the spare Iron Patriot Armors. The armor was sent to save Terrence, who wore it to prevent his son from being forced to kill the ex-President as his armor was being controlled.[3]

The villain who was controlling Rhodey's armor was defeated, and the murder prevented. However, Terrence sacrificed himself in the process. Lila was present in Terrence's burial, where she talked to Tony Stark, who offered her to train her programming abilities.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Gifted Intelligence[1]
    • Engineering


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