Gilded Lily was born Lillian Von Loont in the late 19th century. While she was driving with her husband, they had an accident and he died. She found refuge in the home of Diablo who fell in love with her. He took her into his trust and taught her almost all he knew of Alchemy. However, before he could teach her the secret to immortal life, he was attacked by villagers and sealed in an underground well. Lillian escaped after slaying the man who betrayed Diablo.[1]

She then used her alchemical knowledge to gain revenge on all those who had turned against Diablo. She first married them and then turned them into living statues, coated in gold. She eventually retired to an island off the coast of Vancouver, called Tamarind Island. She had long ago found a means to sustain her life.[1]

Eventually, Walter Langkowski and Aurora came to Tamarind, which Walter's family owned, to consider it as a base for Alpha Flight's activities. Lily did not like the idea of visitors and used the same process to encase Walter as she had her many ex-husbands. She took Aurora to perform experiments on her. Walter was able to break free of the gold casing by turning into Sasquatch. He freed Aurora and accidentally destroyed Gilded Lily when he broke the seal on her suit, exposing her to the many years that she had avoided. She promptly turned into dust, as did most of her house.[1]

Lily's spirit became a part of her re-constructed house, which was now a government-sponsored base for Alpha Flight. She controlled the house and turned it against Alpha Flight, capturing Aurora. She was able to temporarily resume a physical form and sent for help from Diablo, whom she was elated to discover was still alive. However, Diablo had recently decided to give up a life of crime. On top of that, he was not comfortable with the idea of her being his equal. However, she was able to manipulate him into helping her take Aurora's form as her own. Thanks to the timely entry of Alpha Flight though, Aurora turned the potion against Gilded Lily who once again, turned to dust.[2]


Advanced Longevity: Using alchemy, von Loont had extended her for at least a century.


Gilded Lily was a master of alchemy. She could also create a golden sheath (which places a person in a form of suspended animation) around anyone she touched.

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