Lily Lucca was the daughter of Tybold Lucca, a casino owner and power player in Monaco. She met Matt Murdock when he was looking for Alton Lennox, the man who conspired to imprison him.[1]. Matt took an instant liking to her because she reminded him of Karen Page and attempted to rescue her when she was kidnapped by Tombstone and the new Matador. He soon realized that Lily was more than what she seemed and that was part of a revenge plot developed by Vanessa Fisk. When Lily realized that Vanessa considered her expendable, she really did try to convince Murdock to protect her.[2]

Lily soon realized that her new pheromone powers were more trouble than they were worth and traveled to New York to once again ask Matt Murdock for help. He allowed her to work with Dakota North to investigate who had made her perfume. While she and Foggy Nelson were walking with Milla Donovan on a train platform, Lily's pheromones triggered a rage in Milla which caused her to push Lily and accidentally knock a man to his death in front of a subway train.[3] It was later revealed that Mr. Fear had created her perfume and that he used his powers on Lily to get her to first have Milla released from jail by recanting her testimony, and then trigger a second rage attack from Milla by arriving at the Murdock's home. Mr. Fear had promised to remove her pheromones for completing these tasks, but it seems he was captured by Daredevil before he could complete this task.[4] Lily Lucca left New York and neither Daredevil, nor Dakota North and her Interpol connections, discovered where she went. She has yet to resurface.


Lily was given a perfume created by Mr. Fear that caused her pheromones to affect men by triggering their fondest scent memories, often of a past love. This led to them often being willing to help her when they ordinarily wouldn't do so. The perfume eventually permanently altered her metabolism, causing her to produce these pheromones even without reapplying the perfume.

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