Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

Lin Li is a mutant student attending Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[1]

During her first day, Lin Li was on a tour of the school with Eye-Boy when Rockslide was chasing the Bamfs through the hallways in an attempt to catch them, destroying the canteen walls. Lin developed an immediate bond with the Bamfs, whose were trying to find safety from Santo Vaccarro on Lin's shoulders. Eye-Boy understood that her power consisted in controlling and bonding with animals, giving her the codename "Nature Girl". Lin remained apparently mute all day long, so she had no way of protesting Eye Boy’s choice of code-name for her. Shortly after, Lin was greeted by Krakoa, who gave to her a flower, proving to have an affinity with nature. Nature Girl developed a natural relationship with the Bamfs and Krakoa, that's why they were frequently seen together.[2]

When Faithful John arrived at the Jean Grey School in order to kill Genesis before he could become the "next Apocalypse", he telepathically ordered the Bamfs to attack the students. To distract John and save her fellow mates, Nature Girl commanded dozens of birds to fend off the Bamfs, giving Oya the chance to knock the villain.[3]

Generation X

When Kitty Pryde relocated the X-Men in New York and the school was renamed to Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, Lin Li decided to join in. She became part of Jubilee's team, which consisted of Nathaniel Carver, Quentin Quire, Benjamin Deeds, Bling! and Eye-Boy.[4] When a mysterious shadow in Central Park started stealing mutants during the night, Quentin convinced his classmates to investigate. They found themselves face-to-face with Emplate, who was possessing his sister Monet's body at the time.[3] After defeating the Rat King, Lin Li was finally free from his possession.[5]

Lin and Trevor were tasked to babysit Shogo, so, in order to do it, Nature Girl brought the two to the Central Park Zoo, inside the Bears Den. Eye-boy expressed to her his concern about Nature Girl's idea, babysitting Shogo surrounded by bears. Shogo is seen having fun playing with the bears when suddenly, the bears sensed danger and roared viciously. Eye-boy picked up Shogo immediately and carried him away. Eye boy asked Nature Girl what was that all about as they watched the bears go back inside their cave. Lin warned him that something was coming and that they need to get back to the school fast. Indeed, somewhere underground, Emplate was currently hiding and feeding off one of the captured Morlocks. Being carried by vultures, Eye-boy, Shogo and Nature Girl arrived at the school, so they tried to warn the other students about what was coming to them. Nature Girl also informed Quentin Quire that whatever it was, was coming towards him.[6]

Trevor Hawkins (Earth-616) and Lin Li (Earth-616) Generation X Vol 1 87

Monet, merged with her brother Emplate, arrived to the institute in order to try to kill the students and drain their life forces. While Jubilee, Husk and Chamber were battling the threat, inside the classroom, Roxy, Benjamin, Nathaniel, and Quentin came up with a plan on how to defeat him. A few days later, the team were preparing a surprise party for Roxy, who was going home to visit her family for a while. At the party, Trevor approached Lin, concerned about the bargain she made with the rats. Lin responded to him to not worry about it and added that if ever that time came, she promised that she will keep him safe. Kitty Pryde arrived to congratulate Jubilee on keeping her class alive.[7]


Nature Manipulation: Nature Girl's powers are directly connected to the natural world and thus she can communicate, influence, manipulate and control nature: all living beings and plants and natural phenomena, such as the weather and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed.[8]

  • Animal Manipulation: Eye Boy once stated her power to control and bond with every living species of animal on Earth.[8]
  • Nature Bonding: Shown to be able to quell and unify with even some of the more feral entities, like the Bamfs. Despite being silent to people in general, Lin is able to communicate with both animals and plants. Her persuasive power allows her to control animals and put them in action against enemies, as she did when Faithful John arrived at the Jean Grey School to kill Evan Sabahnur. In this situation, Nature Girl used her command over animals to distract John, leaving him vulnerable to other attacks.
  • Botanopathy: She possesses the ability to communicate with and manipulate all plant life. She is able to cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants.[8]
  • Elemental Manipulation: She possesses the ability to control and manipulate the elemental forces of nature.[8]
  • Weather Control: She can control and affect the weather in a certain area.[8]
  • Healing: She possesses the ability to purify, heal and generally influence the health of nature.[8]
  • Flight[8]

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