Lin Lie was a young man who lived with his father in Shanghai, China. One day his father and brother, Feng, disappeared after confronting a group of grave robbers in Quianfengou, but not before leaving a magical sword for Lie. Lie set out to search for his father while being pursued by Demons.[1]

Lie later joined the new Agents of Atlas during the War of the Realms. He stayed with the team while continuing to look for his father.[2]

While looking for his father, Lie encountered Shang-Chi, who tried to train Lie before someone attempted to steal the Sword of Fu Xi, a weapon which had caught the attention of Ares.[3]


Lin Lie is a skilled martial artist.[3] and quite expert in swordsmanship.[2]


Sword of Fu Xi[4]

  • Lin Lie is exceptionally good at puzzles.[1]

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