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Lin Sun was a martial arts instructor who was set upon by ninjas outside of his dojo. He fought them off, and afterwards found three jade amulets shaped like a tiger's head and paws. On their box was inscribed the motto "When three are called and stand as one, as one they'll fight, their will be done. For each is born anew, the tiger's son." He shared the amulets with his friends and fellow martial artists Bob Diamond and Abe Brown, and the three discovered that when they repeated the motto, their martial arts abilities were combined and their strength increased threefold.

The three men started to use their abilities to fight crime, teaming up with the likes of Spider-Man[2] and Iron Fist,[3] and battling the group known as the Silent Ones.

The Sons of the Tiger freed a female martial artist Lotus Shinchuko from the control of the Silent Ones,[4] and she became involved romantically with Diamond and then later with Sun. The tensions caused by these entanglements caused the team to split and they cast aside their amulets, which were taken up and used by the crimefighter White Tiger.[5]

He and Lotus stayed in Manhattan, unsuccessfully trying to find a job.[6] When they learned that a plane carrying Abe to Algeria had crash landed, they tried to contact Diamond to help them search for him.[7] When Bob was declared dead, they were contacted by his agent Bernie Klieg who informed them that they and Abe inherited Bob's fortune, but they refused the money.[8]



Lin Sun is a highly skilled martial artist. When he wore his jade tiger amulet, Sun's martial arts skill was combined with that of his teammates Bob Diamond and Abe Brown.



Lin Sun formerly wore one of three jade amulets that, when worn, combined his martial arts abilities with those of his two teammates and tripled his strength and endurance.

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