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Linda was created by the Collector from genetic material of Howard the Duck, a prisoner of his collection, for reproductive purposes. When Howard and another inmate named Rocket Raccoon escaped, Linda and Rocket's clone Shocket were put under the care of Gatherer D-3X until the escapees were recovered.

Six months went by, and the Collector wasn't able to recover neither Rocket nor Howard, so Shocket and Linda were to be put in cryogenic stasis. D-3X had grown fond of both of them, so he rebelled against the Collector's mandate and escaped along with the kids. Three months later, Linda, Shocket and D-3X arrived to the planet Souqlon and, with the help of a rebel Space Phantom known as Multo, they escaped to the furthest they could go into the past, twenty-five years.

Twenty years after their arrival to the past, the three fugitives had become smugglers. While they were conducting business, one of their clients recognized D-3X as the person who had kidnapped their parents, unaware that it had actually been his past/present self, and blasted him with a gun. Shocket, Linda and D-3X escaped from their attackers, but D-3X's wounds were fatal, and he died subsequently.

Five years later, the time for the escape of their present selves to the past was looming, meaning the Collector would start looking for them. Both Linda and Shocket knew they couldn't keep going back in time, they needed to leave the universe. With the help of the Oracle of Omega, they were directed to the Nexus of All Realities.[1]

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