Lindy was the wife of Robert Reynolds, also known as the Sentry. In truth, Robert was a meth addict who stumbled on the serum that gave him his powers while he looking for drugs. He became addicted to the serum becoming a hero while blaming all his faults on a shadowy bogeyman. Lindy was shocked that she was married to a junkie but stuck with him because of his connections to the superhero community.[2]

In the aftermath of the Superhuman Civil War, in which Lindy's husband became part of the government-sanctioned Avengers, Ultron attacked New York. Seeing that Robert was too powerful to defeat, Ultron decided to kill Lindy, brutally mutilating her. In a rage, Robert nearly killed Ultron before Ms. Marvel knocked him out. Later, Robert unconsciously resurrected Lindy, who had no idea what had just happened. The next day, Lindy asked Tony Stark to find a way to power down or kill her husband before he killed them all.[3]

Some time after Robert joined the Dark Avengers, Lindy seemingly killed her husband with Noh-Varr's ray gun and began to record the true origin of the Sentry to CLOC. However, the Void resurrects Robert, but he stops his alter ego from harming Lindy, even when it prevents her from committing suicide.[4][2]

Lindy's death

Lindy was killed by Hawkeye (Bullseye) on orders from Norman Osborn in order to make Sentry release his full potential and successfully attack Asgard.[5]

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