Linus Dorfman was a deranged psychopath who grew up torturing animals and would practice self-flagellation as punishment to himself for the things he did. His disturbing tendencies lead up to one night where he murdered the night-time janitor of the Central Park Zoo and attempted to torture a wolverine that was caged there. His night-time activity drew the attention of the mutant hero Wolverine. Linus attacked Wolverine, but backed off when the hero extended his Adamantium claws. Wolverine then used his claws to break open the wolverine's cage[1]. The animal chased Dorfman off into the park and savagely slashed his face. Somehow, Dorfman managed to capture the animal and take it back to his New York apartment. There his violent tendencies escalated to harming people and he became a serial killer.

When the police came to arrest Dorfman, he holed himself up in his apartment with a number of hostages. When he started killing the hostages, the police were forced to take him down[2]. Dorfman resisted arrest, attacking the police savagely, even tearing out an officer's throat with his teeth before he was beaten into submission. The media, especially reporter Trish Tilby, called out the police over their brutality. However, the police maintained that such force was necessary due to Dorfman's violent resistance[3]

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