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Linus Whitemane was a Kymellian who took residence on Earth after his son Aelfyre was killed by another alien race known as the Snarks. Learning that Ma Snarks-Gnucci started mixing her DNA to create hybrids, Linus saved the Power children whose parents were also murdered by the Snarks.

Giving the four of them abilities of his race, he taught the children to fight in the use of their abilities and used them to exact revenge against the Syndicate as the vigilante group called the Punisher Pack. Over the course of the kids rampage, Linus viewed their actions on a screen in his ship, the Smartship Friday.

After months and months of dwindling the ranks of the Syndicate, The Punisher Pack finally came to the end of the road as Ma Snarks-Gnucci was their last target. They decimated their opponents killing all of them. As they made it back to their base where they were greeted by Linus as Alex reported to him that their mission was completed. Linus was so glad to hear that and told them that they can all return to a normal life now.

Not happy with his sudden words, the Power children said that their lives were over the day their parents were killed. The kids stood there as one of the brothers Jack said that there were others criminals out their who needed to be punished, but Linus said that wasn't their responsibility anymore.

Alex and his siblings asked if Linus was going to stop them but they all decided to leave Linus in order to continue on their path of vengeance. Linus started to blame himself for the children's behavior and took it upon himself to now put a stop to them.[1]

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