The Lion-People are a species of leonine humanoids from the planet Ligra. They are the dominant rulers of the planet and often opposed by the Dragon-Men. A technological monarchical society, the Lion-People are mostly peaceful. In the early 20th century, Sir Ronald Gale and his family would travel to Ligra where Ronald and his wife would be slain by the Dragon-Men. Their daughter Nara would be rescued by the Lion-People and eventually grow to be their queen. They would be defended by the chivalric Knights of Ligra.

20th Century

In 1937, Jago, leader of the Dragon-Men captured Earth man Professor Philo Zog and his robot Electro to use to overthrow the Lion-People. They would succeed thanks to Electro's superior strength and imperviousness to the Lion-Peoples weapons. They would capture Queen Nara, however Zog would free himself and turn Electro against his captors, freeing Nara and slaying Jago. Shortly thereafter, Nara would be restored as queen.[1]

Modern Age

In recent history a member of the Lion-People named Gur was recruited into Howard the Duck's Ducky Dozen who were on a mission for A.R.M.O.R. to wipe out the zombie plague infecting Earth-12591, a reality where the Nazis World War II thanks to the spread of a zombie plague. In the opening attack, Gur was bitten by a Nazi zombie and infected. Before he could attack any of his teammates, he was kicked out of their ship by Howard the Duck, seemingly to his demise.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Powerful jaws, enhanced sight and hearing


Habitat: Earth like
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Advanced, they have invented Q-Ray weapons and interstellar space travel. They have domesticated War-Eagles and Oryx-Beasts to use in warfare.

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