Lionel van Devanter unmasked

Lionel van Devanter was a millionaire who was the secret owner of the Gem Construction Company. Facing competition from the Star Construction Company, he put out a competitive contract to construct a new office building. He awarded the Star Construction Company with the contract, outwardly due to the promise from Star's owner Bill Slade that the construction would be completed in under three months. In reality, Devanter hired Star Construction so that he could sabotage their efforts in the hopes of driving them out of business.

Sending thugs to sabotage the construction site and cause "accidents", Devanter's shady dealings attracted the attention of the Eternal known as Makkari who was then operating as the costumed adventurer known as Hurricane. Makkari and his sidekick Speed Scriggles got a job on the construction site the day after Hurricane saved a steeplejack from being pushed off the building.

Covering his face with a mask, Lionel led a gang of thugs the following day to cause trouble on site. However, while Hurricane was busy beating up Lionel's men, it would be the slow and clumsy Speedy that would trip up Devanter. Speedy unmasked Devanter and threatened to rip off his ears if he did not confess what he was up to. After explaining why he was leading the gang, Devanter was turned over to the authorities, and the Star Construction Company finished the construction of the building without further issue.[1]

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Lionel van Devanter wears corrective lenses.

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