Lira was a Eridani genetically-modified to appear Human. She was one of the two who inflitrated Alpha Flight's space station as crewmembers in order to sabotage their negatiations with the Eridani delegation, unwilling to let the slave class of Eridani be exploited even further to fulfill the additional needs of the vessel. She used the alias of "Ensign Garcia."[1]

Lira programmed a spaceship to fly to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and explode the 16 Sars asteroid in order to endanger the AFSS (Alpha Flight Space Station) with its debris.[2] Using Lt. Wendy Kawasaki's authorization, Lira also altered sensor records, in order to match the ship's energy signature with the Eridani's to pin the crime on them,[3] which convincedd the station's commander Captain Marvel to arrest them.[2]

As Ensign Garcia, Lira was appointed acting counsel of the Eridani delegation when they demanded to be heard. The discovery that the sensor records were altered allowed Lira to pin the crime on Lt. Kawasaki.[3] However, Captain Marvel cleared her.

When second-in-command Abigail Brand was investigating the sabotage, Lira knocked her out from behind in her office[4] and used her computer to transmit a virus to the Earth, affecting S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates.

As Alpha Flight was dealing with the threat of a Satori assault, Lira planted a bomb in the shield generators of the AFSS.[5] The second infiltrator, going by the alias of Lt. Bradner died when when he blew up another section of the AFSS. The presence of a secret communicator allowed Brand to realize he was not alone.

Together with Lt. Kawasaki, Brand explored the base to find the saboteur, and found Ensign trying to delete files to cover her tracks. When she was arrested, her true nature was discovered.[1]

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