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Coat of Arms met Thomas Shepherd (Speed) while in juvie. While the latter became a superhero, Coat of Arms could not even get a job after parole. She then found a coat that granted her two extra sets of arms, Tiboro's Coat, just standing in an alleyway. Having the desire to become an Avenger, she initially assembled her team of Young Avengers and saw it as an art project about the nature of superheroism.

When her team and Thomas' met, the two demonstrated a mutual attraction and tried to get each other to join their respective teams before the two split on good terms.[2]

Coat later worked with Jeremy Briggs on his super-powers project, although it has been implied that like her teammates Big Zero and Enchantress, she was coerced into helping him under the threat of having her Coat taken from her and leave her depowered.[3]

She returned to the Young Masters when they joined the adult Masters of Evil in Bagalia. Coat was one of the young mercenaries mentored and employed by Constrictor in "The Snake Pit".[4]

Powers and Abilities


She wears a coat that gives her two extra pairs of arms and allows her to fly. She uses multiple swords in combat, using her extra limbs to her advantage.


Coat of Arms is extremely artistically talented.



Multi-armed coat, referred to by Norman Osborn as Tiboro's Coat. She was shown using a technological device that generates a red force field to protect her from harm. The pockets of the coat contained a magic chain capable of binding The Sentry, various weapons and may contain other artifacts.


Coat of Arms carries several swords.


Teleportation via The Enchantress


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