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The Temporary Reality Numbers (TRN for short) represent a means designed and used by the Marvel Database to aid in the categorization of alternate universes which have yet to receive an official numeric designation by Marvel. Please take notice that TRNs are entirely unofficial designations, and only serve a utility purpose within this site.

The naming convention for a Temporary Reality Number consists of "Earth-TRN" followed by a sequential number (e.g. Earth-TRN414). TRN numbers are not chosen arbitrarily and must always follow the sequential order. If a reality that makes use of a TRN is given an official number, that TRN is retired. TRNs are not reassigned.

Click here for the CATEGORY of Temporary Reality Numbers.

If you are a regular user who wishes to create a TRN, please first ask an Administrator or Moderator (admod). As a preventive measure to avoid the stacking up of TRNs not properly fleshed out, no user is permitted to create a new TRN without the explicit permission of an admod. Anyone caught violating this rule will be given a temporary block of two weeks from the site.

Please do not request the creation of TRNs for the following:

  • Licensed titles and characters (Star Wars, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, etc.)
  • Creator-owned titles and characters (Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Powers, etc.)
  • Handbooks (Index and appendix volumes/issues)
  • Fan-fiction and unofficial representations of Marvel properties (e.g. 3 Dev Adam)
  • Merchandise
  • Comics from imprint labels (Malibu Comics, Epic Comics, Icon Comics, CrossGen, etc.).
    Exceptions include:
    • Imprint labels that are solely dedicated to Marvel properties (Marvel Comics 2, Marvel Adventures, Marvel Action, etc.)
    • Comics from imprint labels that have already gotten official designations, which has divergent/alternate realities depicted in them (e.g. the Ultraverse realities from Malibu Comics)

If a given reality only has a couple of minor appearances or a character's native reality is never mentioned or depicted, consider using the Character Index for Unknown Reality Designations instead.

Current TRNs

Retired TRNs