List of Mutants from Earth-11326 living in Fortress X

Here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered mutants, who "originated from", or were located in Earth-11326, the Age of X.


Legion's Sub-Personas

List of Legion's multiple personalities who manifested as physical individuals among the population of Fortress X:

Anomalies & X-Brig Prisoners

During the reality warping, some characters were simply transferred without creating a new version as themselves. Others had their counterparts, but where locked as prisoners in the X-Brig, as:

  • They were able to see through the reality manipulation: Earth-616's point of view
  • They were too dangerous for their peers: Earth-11326's point of view
  • Warden and Physician Support

Unconfirmed mutants

Mutants whose status is unconfirmed:

Deceased mutants

Mutants who are known to have been killed:

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